New Orleans Race for the Cure

This was my first year doing Race for the Cure and it was a truly moving experience. I was slightly skeptical of whether or not many people would be in attendance, because here in New Orleans we usually commune for a parade when it’s free, lighthearted, and booze is involved. While some people were certainly hung over at 8am in City Park – the crowd was astounding. True to form though, there was a brass band and every tutu, fishnet tights, skirts, shirts, hats, backpacks, and eyelashes were bright bright pink.

My heart broke to see signs on peoples’ backs honoring loved ones and lost ones who have fought, survived, or lost the battle to breast cancer. There was an aura of community and shared experiences in a packed crowd of complete strangers. To those who have lost someone to breast cancer, or any other form of cancer, my heart goes out to you.

This post is for all, but for me, I remember Biddy Casey – an incredible woman, french teacher at East High School, an incredible sense of humor, undying passion for her students and her life. I remember.
















One thought on “New Orleans Race for the Cure

  1. hey sari

    great pics-very moving needless to say-the power of women is amazing isn’t it as it the power of the cause–keep up the good work!! how is your internship??

    lots of love, aunt leslie

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